Building Muscle with Resistance Band

Resistance bands have been around in the fitness world for a long time although not widely used. They have been disregarded due to their inexpensiveness. But recently they have started gaining popularity because of their versatility and ability to offer a full body workout.

They are portable and quite cheap. You can take it around anywhere by packing it in your bag. The resistance of the resistance bands is not like those we see in the gym.

The big gym equipment relies on polymer rods, weight for resistance but resistance bands rely on elastic to produce the resistance. Elastic has been proved to provide the best form of resistance.

The resistance varies with each band. It depends on their thickness. They are color coded to show various levels of resistance. Yellow represents the least where as black represents the largest. Resistance bands can even provide up to 250 lbs of resistance.

The advantage with them is that they offer a full body workout and are very good for flexibility and muscles. Rapid weight loss and muscle toning is also possible if we just workout 15 minutes a day with these bands.

Tradition gym systems might sometimes cause injury to people. Several cases have been reported. But in case of resistance bands you are always safe and they are suitable for any fitness level.

These bands can offer much more if they are used in the right way. Bodylastics is a home gym system that’s been designed around the resistance band theory. They use resistance bands for resistance but at the same time use two compact systems called as the Quick Clip System and Door anchor.

These systems offer us the flexibility to attach multiple bands and get our muscles over worked. SO they are perfect for any fitness level.

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