Resistance Band Workouts- Fast and Easy

Are you looking for a fast, easy and effective workout? Then a resistance band workout may be for you. According to experts if you spend ten to twenty minutes, three times a week with resistance bands you will increase your flexibility and endurance. Add frequency and intensity to your resistance band workout and you will strengthen your body and build muscle. Here is what it takes to get started your resistance band workout.

First, select the resistance bands that are right for you. Resistance bands come in rubber or latex with tensions ranging from two to two hundred pounds. As a beginner you will want to choose a package of resistance bands with different bands that range up to fifty pounds of tension. The package should come with all the accessories to get you started: handles, door hanger, ankle straps and an instruction manual. Some may even include a video and a travel bag.

Next, familiarize yourself with the proper form for performing the exercises in your resistance band workout. Form is everything. If the instructions say to exhale, be sure to do it. If the instructions say to stand with your feet at shoulders width, be sure to do it. If the instructions say to bend your knees or your elbows, be sure to do it. A resistance band workout is only as effective as the discipline you apply to your performance.

Once the exercises come too easy, it is time to move up to the next band with greater resistance. When you have cycled through your first kit, the next package of resistance bands will most likely take you to approximately seventy pounds of tension. Most people will be comfortable here, but for the hard-core trainer, higher levels are available. It would be unlikely that an average person would ever exceed more than 120 pounds of tension in a resistance band workout.

Just as with any exercise program, to gain the maximum benefit you must be sure to drink plenty of water, increase your repetitions, rest in between sets, and vary your routine when performing your resistance band workout.

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