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Resistance Band Workouts- Fast and Easy

Are you looking for a fast, easy and effective workout? Then a resistance band workout may be for you.  According to experts if you spend ten to twenty minutes, three times a week with resistance bands you will increase your flexibility and endurance. Add frequency and intensity to your resistance band workout and you will strengthen your body and build muscle. Here is what it takes to get started your resistance band workout.

First, select the resistance bands that are right for you. Resistance bands come in rubber or latex with tensions ranging from two to two hundred pounds. As a beginner you will want to choose a package of resistance bands with different bands that range up to fifty pounds of tension. The package should come with all the accessories to get you started:  handles, door hanger, ankle straps and an instruction manual.  Some may even include a video and a travel bag.

Next, familiarize yourself with the proper form for performing the exercises in your resistance band workout. Form is everything.  If the instructions say to exhale, be sure to do it. If the instructions say to stand with your feet at shoulders width, be sure to do it. If the instructions say to bend your knees or your elbows, be sure to do it. A resistance band workout is only as effective as the discipline you apply to your performance.

Once the exercises come too easy, it is time to move up to the next band with greater resistance. When you have cycled through your first kit, the next package of resistance bands will most likely take you to approximately seventy pounds of tension. Most people will be comfortable here, but for the hard-core trainer, higher levels are available. It would be unlikely that an average person would ever exceed more than 120 pounds of tension in a resistance band workout.

Just as with any exercise program, to gain the maximum benefit you must be sure to drink plenty of water, increase your repetitions, rest in between sets, and vary your routine when performing your resistance band workout.

Building Muscle with Resistance Band

Resistance bands have been around in the fitness world for a long time although not widely used. They have been disregarded due to their inexpensiveness. But recently they have started gaining popularity because of their versatility and ability to offer a full body workout.

They are portable and quite cheap. You can take it around anywhere by packing it in your bag. The resistance of the resistance bands is not like those we see in the gym.

The big gym equipment relies on polymer rods, weight for resistance but resistance bands rely on elastic to produce the resistance. Elastic has been proved to provide the best form of resistance.

The resistance varies with each band. It depends on their thickness. They are color coded to show various levels of resistance. Yellow represents the least where as black represents the largest. Resistance bands can even provide up to 250 lbs of resistance.

The advantage with them is that they offer a full body workout and are very good for flexibility and muscles. Rapid weight loss and muscle toning is also possible if we just workout 15 minutes a day with these bands.

Tradition gym systems might sometimes cause injury to people. Several cases have been reported. But in case of resistance bands you are always safe and they are suitable for any fitness level.

These bands can offer much more if they are used in the right way. Bodylastics is a home gym system that’s been designed around the resistance band theory. They use resistance bands for resistance but at the same time use two compact systems called as the Quick Clip System and Door anchor.

These systems offer us the flexibility to attach multiple bands and get our muscles over worked. SO they are perfect for any fitness level.

The Advantages of Using Resistance Band

Everyone from a seasoned athlete to a beginner just getting into exercise can benefit from using resistance bands in their workout. You may have seen the bands at your local gym or saw them being sold at a sports and fitness shop, but you may have not known just how beneficial these bands could be to your workout. Here are the several advantages to using resistance bands during a workout.

Resistance bands are very convenient and inexpensive. Compare trying to pack a set of dumbbells in your luggage to simply one or two resistance bands with handles. Also, compare the price of a set of free weights to a resistance band kit. The band kit cost at least a fourth less of what a set of free weights would cost. If you are going on vacation or a business trip, resistance bands are a great way to continue your everyday exercise. Or, if you have a small living space and you are unable to store a lot of fitness equipment, these bands will only take a few inches of space and can easily be put in a drawer or cabinet.

The key to working out with resistance bands, is to pick one or two of them that fit your strength levels for your exercises. Most bands will come with a designation that shows the approximate weight that you would be using for the resistance band. You can find resistance band kits that are geared toward women, with weights between 10-30 pounds and ones that are more geared towards men and seasoned athletes with weights between 25-50 pounds. This is not the exact weight, as you can make easily change the resistance level of a band by shortening or lengthening the band.

Lastly, a resistance band  works to help you burn fat and calories at a faster pace. Adding resistance to your workouts can help your body to get leaner and more toned in a shorter amount of time. With this type of equipment, your muscles are able to get the full range of motion, unlike when you lift free weights. Also, resistance bands can easily be adapted into cardiovascular workouts to add an extra challenge to your workout. Free weights are big and bulky and can be cumbersome when trying to do a cardiovascular workout with them. They also allow you to control the tension on them by shortening or lengthening the band. This means that if you wanted to use a band for a biceps curl and then go straight into a squat, you can use the same band, but just increase or decrease your tension on the band.

Resistance bands are a convenient and easy way to burn fat and get the body that you desire. They offer several advantages over free weights and can be used by just about anybody looking for a great workout.

Resistance Training Band – The Portable and Cost Effective Solution

Resistance training has long been preached as the best way to lose weight, build muscle, and sculpt your body. It’s not just possibly the best way, but it’s also the most space and cost effective way as well. This article explores how resistance training bands can save you money and space when building a home gym, as well as how the work outs differ between free weights and resistance bands. After reading this article there should be no doubt in your mind that resistance bands are the way to go for your exercise equipment purchase.

Equipment Cost and space requirements

When buying home fitness equipment cost and space almost always have to factor into the equation. Unless money is no object, and you’ve specifically built that home gym room into your new house you have to think about it. Most home gym machines have a pretty big foot print, meaning it’s tough to hide them or work them into your home decor. Having a room dedicated to a workout room is usually ideal.

How ever when you’re home workout routine uses resistance training bands you can usually fit everything you use into a nice small nylon bag for storage after you’ve used it. The cost factor isn’t even comparable, most exercise band sets cost as little as 1/10th the amount of a home gym or free weights.

Portability of fitness equipment

Having a workout system that’s portable isn’t a requirement for everybody. Those of us that might travel for our jobs, or spend a lot of time on vacation or at the cottage might appreciate this feature though.

Resistance bands are small to carry around, and even if you have particular attachments you use for workouts they should all fit snugly into a small space. Some sets come with their own carrying case, and make it even easier to bring your exercise equipment on the road with you. Of course in comparison you’re not taking that clunky home gym or free weights along any where. They’re just to cumbersome and heavy.

Unique form of working out

Something I haven’t yet mentioned in this article but should be talked about is the difference in workouts you get when you do resistance training versus free weights. When lifting with bar bells or dumb bells you only get the work out when lifting, pulling or pushing. This builds the muscle, but it’s not as full of a workout as you might receive when using resistance training bands.

Resistance training gives you resistance both ways when performing an exercise. This isn’t for every exercise and muscle group but it is definitely something unique to using exercise bands to workout with instead of your conventional free weight or home gym machine.

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